Our Company

The story so far..

Elfbeads was created by Paul Krans late 2013. His vision was to create a brand with different designs in both glass and silver beads. During that summer he met Suzanne Slotboom, a fanatic Lampwork Artist with her own glass design studio. Paul only had to ask her once to join him on his Elfbeads adventure. And so they started working together to create new glass beads while Paul was taking a short Goldsmith course during the summer to design his own silver beads. At the end of 2013 almost 100 beads were created and they felt ready to show their work to the market. From the very first moment Paul posted pictures of the Elfbeads collection online, the brand attracted a lot of attention. Both customers and shops could see the new direction Paul is heading to with the brand.

Opposite to other brands, Elfbeads mainly focuses on glass design. The Spring collection will be released late March and will bring more glass and silver beads to complete the collection to around 200 pieces. And also unlike other brands, Elfbeads will have a smaller collection, so it can focus on more exclusive designs.

Elfbeads started their production in the Netherlands. But to reduce the high production costs, a big part of the production process will have been moved to Asia by 2017. This is the only way to realize their goal: create the highest quality beads for the best price. Elfbeads sources materials from America, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, India, The Netherlands and Thailand. From design to finished piece, each stage of the process takes place under our own supervision and management to ensure both quality and copyright. Every bead is handcrafted and finished to the highest standards using the best materials and newest techniques. The premium quality glass beads are made from the best glass sourced from all over the world and are fitted with a universal sterling silver core to fit all European bracelets. Our nickel free silver beads are made from (925) sterling silver, often partially oxidized (darkened) and finished to the highest standard.

Our vision is to become the most valued bead brand for both fans and retailers.

Our mission is to grow our brand while staying true to our personal values. To us that means empowering retailers by offering a true partnership on more than one level and offering our fans distinctive jewelry that enables them to express their personal style.

“Design is different here, as we both think in opposite directions. When I think left and up, Suzanne thinks down and right. It’s pure chaos from time to time, but we always end up laughing! But the  fact is, that when Suzanne and I work together, something magical happens: Out of the chaos rises Elfbeads: Enchanting, Legendary, Fabulous!”